International activity

We provide services globally. International business and multicultural environment are the life and the passion for all our international team. Being located in Tallinn, Estonia (European Union, Baltic and Nordic region), GNerdiX provide comprehensive range of research, business development, marketing and project management services. We are proud that we are an Estonian company and we are supporting the best traditions of Estonian commerce and client-oriented lean business practice with high share of ICT solutions on board have been used everyday to meet our clients needs at the best possible way.

Except our domestic location, our target, the strongest and the most developed region is the Central and Eastern Europe from Baltic to Balkans including, from the DACH region (German speaking countries), Eastern EU to the Western CIS countries. 

Our standalone advantage is our presence in Ukraine where is located GreenClinic LifeScience Ukraine, LLC our permanent representative company and our “GNerdiX” Scientific Research Center, a think tank specialized in urban biodiversity, sustainability and life science. Also together the companies are supporting urban biodiversity research center supporting architects, road infrastructure and city planners with extensive knowledge on ecological network elements and ecosystem planning.

Except our research facilities, we are helpful for companies from all over the world interested to expand their presence and sales:

  • coming to new national markets
  • start international activity or sell globally
  • perform an improvement of their business activities efficiency
  • develop new products, services or projects or take professional care of existing business portfolios

The other part of geography of our the most developed areas depends of the products and industry with the most strong presence and partners network are all the Europe (EU countries, Nordic and Baltic region, Switzerland, EU-neighboring and Eastern European countries, Ukraine), particularly Turkey, Central Asia, Mongolia, India, China, Oceania, South East Asia, Canada, Central and Southern America, overseas territories of European countries.