Message from Denis Radiuk, GCLS’s Board Chairman and CEO

Dear Colleagues,

GreenClinic LifeScience is, the first of all, an expert in biodiversity and sustainable development delivering value in the range of research services, consulting products and projects.

As a research company the special achievement of GreenClinic LifeScience is in deep understanding of ecosystems of any scales, key roots of their functioning and sustainability. We retain uniquely designed science based applied biodiversity services for ecosystem planning and environment management with a long-time pre-history of evolution and continuous improvement are able to meet the needs of businesses and individuals the best way possible, with an experience and resources to support such challenging areas as corporate sustainability and biodiversity impact, nature-integrated development and construction, as also other of related points. We know why biological organisms and their ecosystems live and what is required to keep them alive in the point of contact with technology, human activity and infrastructure, natural or technogenic disasters, including prevention, rehabilitation and improvement.

As a business development and a consulting company with a comprehensive service cycle, we are helping sustainable businesses to grow connecting them to the markets internationally and in the target geographic areas. With our strong experience in market research, representation, distribution management and commercial agency, supply chain management, providing support to comply with regulations, GreenClinic LifeScience is remaining to be a right choice as a partner to penetrate new markets, expand and improve your market presence, increase your sales volumes and customer loyalty. The key benefit is a perfect experience of change management in the economy of sustainable development

As a socially and environmentally responsible business our business creates new value and a positive impact to the society joining the latest technologies, smart business models and highly motivated people together around the projects which creatively resolve the most vibrant problems and around the actions towards achievement of sustainable development goals. We do that through the wide improvement of the infrastructure for the life quality, on the basis of the philosophy: We believe. We care. We save.

Along with the provision of high-end marketing strategy consulting and communications service, we are making our contribution in development of the emerging sustainable markets, making our positive impact by their structuring and improvement of professional communication among market operators with acceleration of their innovation activity. Please see the homepage of EVIM International Development Project as an example to find out how we do that in field of electric mobility and sustainable transport industry, as also how we do create our positive impact.

The services and products we deliver are the subject of our pride and efforts for everyday continuous improvement. We are proud for our achievements made in the areas of sustainable urban planning and architecture, renewable energy and environmental solutions, sustainable infrastructure and clean mobility, digitalization and accessibility, quality and safety of food, water and environment. Geographically our main attention is concentrated on the area of Nordic and Baltic region, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Balkans as the most prospective and fast growing for sustainable businesses, products and services from the mentioned industries.

We are the experts making the special accent on their deep knowledge and specific expertise in sustainability related markets of the countries which infrastructure is being under a strong, intensive and continuous renovation or improvement, creating the space for doing successful sustainable businesses in this prospective economic area by our contribution to the societies culture update and the development of environmental economy.

We are happy to meet you on this web page or personally, and looking forward for your inquiries and offers by all the directions of our activity.

Please contact us, or learn more about us and our key expertises.

With the best regards,

Denis Radiuk,

Board Chairman and CEO

(Updated: February 1, 2019)