Business Development and Marketing

Our Business Development and Marketing facilities and expertise are the main values we supply to our clients. In synergy with strong research and expert potential it creates unique capabilities and products with great opportunities for clients businesses growth.

GreenClinic LifeScience Global is one point international provider of comprehensive range of the consulting, business development and support solutions designed for market success of operators of our target industries.

We bring products, brands and enterprises to the market and continue to provide the advice and support to ensure, sustain and develop achievements of our clients businesses. Since you have come to us, our team cares of your product, brand and enterprise development dynamics. See our key fields of expertise in Business Development and Marketing consulting and outsourcing field.

See our expertise by function:

  • Market research and strategy
  • Price policy development
  • New markets penetration and international sales development
  • Regulations compliance consulting and support
  • Product localization and internationalization studies and services
  • Distribution network building and development
  • Marketing and brand communications strategy development
  • Distributors search, negotiation and relations
  • Management of distributors networks
  • Representation and negotiations
  • Marketing communications outsourcing
  • Expo and event promotion
  • Order processing outsourcing
  • Logistic, supply chain and delivery solutions consulting
  • IT solutions development and implementation
  • Client Relations Management, retention and loyalty policies development
  • Product development services
  • Projects portfolio management
  • Project supervision and support
  • Talent management consulting
  • Sectoral knowledge connected marketing consulting

See our expertise by market:

  • Biotechnology market
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals market
  • Creative industries
  • ICT
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional services
  • Architecture and construction
  • Zero or low emission vehicle and infrastructure market: EVs, hybrids and chargers
  • Renewable energy equipment and solutions market
  • Sustainable automotive
  • Sustainable transport and ITS market
  • Lab and Scientific market
  • Architectural, urban and construction services international markets
  • Organic products global market
  • Plant protection means market
  • Plants and seeds market
  • Food and FMCG
  • etc.

We work globally. The geography of our the most developed areas with the most strong presence and partners network are all the Europe (EU countries, Nordic and Baltic region, Switzerland, EU-neighbouring and Eastern European countries, Ukraine), Turkey, Central Asia, Mongolia, India, Oceania, South East Asia, Canada, Central and Southern America, overseas territories of European countries.

Our strength in our knowledge of target national markets, customers behaviour research, local and cross-border requirements, global economic ties and international cooperation. The advantage of our approach is in acting at the critical points first supporting the strength of client’s product or business and getting developed solutions on limiting factors.

International dynamic multicultural business is life, culture and passion for all our international team members. We proud that we are the Estonian company and we are supporting the best traditions of Estonian client-oriented business practice with high share of ICT solutions on board have been used everyday to meet our clients needs at the best possible way.

Feel free to contact us with your inquiry or thoughts by email or our official facebook page or just call +3726022588 (we speak number of languages).