Digitization of Enterprises, Institutions and Infrastructure


Lack of connectivity and complicated interaction is a key issue which limiting companies and institutions from achieving their goals, high performance and expected return on investments, independently whether it has profit, social or environmental impact as an aim. The industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and self learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions are the kind of tools without which the enterprise or organization cannot be effective and compete successfully by productivity, quality and costs.

The benefits companies can return from connected business models and connected machines technology are not discovered even to one half of possible.

Except others industries, the fields of bioeconomy, sustainable development and infrastructure sectors are especially sensitive to it, almost the same strongly as they are complicated requiring technology specific intermediate solutions facilitating the way to get connected. It exists at location concentrated business models, like on spot manufacturing and processing enterprises, as also in location distributed and multilocational business models, like networks or delivery systems requiring also strong automated GIS solutions. To resolve this issue the industry specific expertise is necessary. That’s why GreenClinic LifeScience applies its research potential and experience offering digitization of the functional structures and the processes which businesses and institution have running inside, being at first the expert in the field they are operating. It is the main our benefit along with knowledge of the problems and specifics of the CEE, Baltic and Balkan regions, which is saving time and funds to our clients.

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