Distribution, Trade and Commercial Agency Services

GreenClinic LifeScience is an experienced outsourcing provider of comprehensive distribution solutions connecting businesses to their customers. We provide representation, build and manage distribution networks for the number of client businesses from engineering, technology, bioeconomy, life science, sustainability, laboratories and scientific sectors.

Sustainability of supply chains always becoming an important part of our attention in each distribution project. It allows our clients to remain complying their corporate sustainability policies collaborating with us on each new market. We carefully control distribution processes to stay lean for efficient resource spending and decrease climate impact, believing that nowadays distribution can be zero emission and a part of global circular economy.

Being among markets changing companies GreenClinic LifeScience is selecting the best local service providers, educating and challenging them getting each day more and more improved solutions to achieve additional value for businesses of our clients.

Why to outsource your distribution processes to GreenClinic LifeScience as a distribution service company and a commercial agent:

  • to reach new markets in shorter terms
  • to get your business represented with your brands and a product range
  • to get initially connected to key contacts without a delay
  • to get first volumes sold simpler and faster with no excessive costs
  • to build new dealers and service network for strong market positions
  • to develop customer awareness on your product
  • to get high-quality feedback
  • to be supported with marketing and promotion
  • to have supply chain, logistic and storage processes smartly organized and carefully maintained
  • to ensure compliance with national regulations and customs rules
  • to keep your market positions growing
  • to avoid troubles, mistakes, additional time and costs connected to opening of national sales offices, establishing and maintaining all the processes yourself
  • to stay green and do not spend excessive costs for unnecessary technological operations with our smart planning and management

Knowledge of specific market, structure and behavior of target audience, up-to-date set of instruments are the central points of quality and competence of any reliable distribution company. GreenClinic LifeScience always pays great attention to details of clients’ goals, needs and processes offering mostly highly customized solutions. Be sure that our research background, industrial expertise, goal-concentrated approach and transparency of prices will be also highly motivating factors to start our cooperation.

Our target and the most developed region for distribution outsourcing is the area from Baltic to Balkans countries including, DACH region (German speaking countries), EU and Western CIS countries of CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region, including Ukraine.

We usually apply service conditions based on principles of fixed fee, subscription fee, volume based reward, as also project partnership, with one time, middle and long term contracts and agency agreements, depending of the project goals and depth of outsourcing.

Please send your inquiry to info@greenclinicglobal.net and we will contact you back soon with the preliminary offer.