E-Mobility and Sustainable Transport 360° Solutions

GreenClinic LifeScience is presented on the market of electric mobility and new sustainable mobility with the complete ecosystem of solutions and connected offers.

GreenClinic LifeScience provides high quality of strategy, marketing, project management and communications for companies investing and operating in new mobility, helping market operators:

– to make correct decisions based on reliable data of the world’s and CEE region’s new mobility sector;

– to adapt to region’s specific business environment;

– to plan the market strategy going global starting to export or coming on the new market with the EV or mobility related products;

– to share their best practices and get connected to the target audience of clients, investment decision makers and potential distributors;

– to get started and ensure growth of your market share on the new national markets for sustainable mobility, not only, but including countries in the geographic area of Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic Sea and Balkans;

– to get familiar specifically with the market of Ukraine and Poland where we have created the most of impact scaled the EVs market by the local part of EVIM project realized with the efforts of our Kyiv office team and have the most of market insides.

GreenClinic LifeScience delivers its vision and positive impact on development pace of markets we operate creating new opportunities for businesses, society and public stakeholders to upgrade and redesign existing infrastructure with the new clean mobility technologies.

GreenClinic LifeScience is an important chain in the global electric mobility network. The company concentrates its expertise to the industry development efforts in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the area from Baltic to Balkans.

As a responsible member of the global community our company had been standing strongly for the future of sustainable transport in the most critical times the industry passed. The activity in EVIM International Development Project have been founded and run by the company opened the new opportunities for the countries of the region, boosted the pace of initial development of the clean transport and infrastructure earlier than clean energy and the environmental economy have become powerful trends. Now this market-accelerating success story is a benchmark and an inspiration to be applied in other countries and an example how one company can amplify a change for the faster transition to a clean technology for all the society just upon initiative of its owners and partners.

Being one of leading think tanks for electric mobility sector in Europe and a key advisor in the region we have deep knowledge of the industry’s insights, understanding the needs of market operators and stakeholders with a clear development foresight.

GreenClinic LifeScience covers all the range of consulting and project management services for the industry. Independently of what your business delivers to the customers our company is helpful to advice, assist and connect.

The complete and not the exhaustive scope is:

  • Market data
  • Market strategy
  • Business models
  • Development and proof of concepts
  • Policies and regulations
  • Community development
  • Analysis of environment, data, stakeholders’ interests and project context
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management and controlling
  • Multi-partner projects coordination
  • Development of sustainable mobility programs for municipalities
  • Key connections and communications
  • Market communications and public relations
  • Comprehensive PR support and reputation management
  • Turnkey change management and market development programs

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