Audit of Indoor Environments for Workplace Productivity and Health

The productivity of people highly depends on the space they are located during the working or studying time. The business is people. To get the most possible return from a business keeping it growing sustainable you need to create the best conditions for the teams creating value in the office spaces, industrial buildings, trade and service areas and especially for the consumers.

The same may also be addressed to:

  • getting the best studying experience and students academic results
  • improvement of customer experience in retail spaces and trade centers
  • the health and the development of children in preschools
  • better living conditions in the residential blocks and private houses
  • getting well faster in the hospitals
  • better guest experience in the hotels
  • increasing a positive impact from resorts

Carbon dioxide, thermal conditions, moisture and light, especially the light from artificial sources, as well as correct human-centered design of environment, are needed to be considered before the space is planned to be designed, while being in use or renovated or being improved during exploitation. It is correlated strongly with the productivity metrics and this dependency can be controlled in the usual desktop productivity control software.

GreenClinic LifeScience provides the audit of indoor environment to detect the source of the issue creating losses or just make your results better.

The audit is completed by critical control points, with modelling and development the solution and clear roadmap of implementation.

The result of the audit is recorded in the protocol and explained in the advisory opinion document with clear technical recommendations regarding the best possible changes and the effect expected.

Realization of the recommendations is supported from a draft to the turnkey with the verification period after exploitation is started or renewed.

Usually a non-stop approach may be applied to more than half of existing buildings and spaces needed to be updated, so you it is possible there’s no need to stop or shorten the existing productivity.

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