Industries served


GreenClinic LifeScience concentrates the efforts mainly in life science, sustainable development and ICT sectors, as also related industries and markets. Our competence is based deeply on the knowledge and experience of our experts, management and support services, as also strong talent acquisition and partners network. Here are listed our key sectors and needs covered with products, services, solutions and CSR program of GreenClinic LifeScience:

  • Sustainable development sector
    • Human environment and infrastructure
    • Architecture, urban planning, development and construction
    • Renewable energy, PV and energy storage
    • Sustainable transport and electric mobility
    • Electric vehicles and infrastructure
    • Intellectual transport solutions and traffic management
    • Waste management, waste market and trade
    • Environmental impact control
  • Life sciences, biotechnology and bioeconomy
    • Health, medical and pharma
    • Food, feed, food industry and trading
    • Food safety and quality control
    • Agriculture and horticulture
    • Forestry, urban biodiversity and ecological network
    • Rehabilitation of territories
  • ICT
  • Science and R&D
  • Laboratories and compliance