Science and Technologies

Scientific component always are our significant strength and we hold on the development of its potential and experience, facing, embracing and solving the most interesting and the most essential challenges. See our key expertises in Science and Technologies direction.

  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Services in Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Transmission
  • Ecosystem Sciences Solutions
  • Plants Growing Industries
  • Hydrobiology
  • Solutions for Scientific and R&D sectors
  • Contract Research
  • Food and Feed solutions
  • Innovations and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable transport and infrastructure
  • Electric mobility and Infrastructure
  • Education and knowledge based
  • Urban environment and human environment infrastructure
  • Natural Preservation and Ecological Network
  • Technology and knowledge management
  • Trial, temporary and small quantities manufacturing management
  • Scientific and technological event management
  • Services for StartUps and Inventors

We work globally. The geography of our the most developed areas with the most strong presence and partners network are all the Europe (EU countries, Nordic and Baltic region, Switzerland, EU-neighbouring and Eastern European countries, Ukraine), Turkey, Central Asia, Mongolia, India, Oceania, South East Asia, Canada, Central and Southern America, overseas territories of European countries.

Our strength in our knowledge of target national markets, customers behaviour research, local and cross-border requirements, global economic ties and international cooperation. The advantage of our approach is in acting at the critical points first supporting the strength of client’s product or business and getting developed solutions on limiting factors.

International dynamic multicultural business is life, culture and passion for all our international team members. We proud that we are the Estonian company and we are supporting the best traditions of Estonian client-oriented business practice with high share of ICT solutions on board have been used everyday to meet our clients needs at the best possible way.

Feel free to contact us with your inquiry or thoughts by email or our official facebook page or just call +3726022588 (we speak number of languages).