Services for the new mobility industries


GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ is providing services for businesses involved in sustainable development sector, including: e-mobility, shared mobility, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

Meet the services of strategy, marketing and communication consulting from GreenClinic LifeScience the co-creator of EVIM International Development Project, one of the most market changing initiatives and the most vibrant point of growth of electric and new mobility industry.

Our services are designed for manufacturers, developers and solution providers, expanding their business activity to the CEE, Baltic and Balkan region or supporting them in going global with electric, sustainable, autonomous or smart mobility solutions.

The services for the new mobility industry are including market strategy consulting, project management, communications and new markets penetration support.

EVIM International Development Project, is a market accelerator, joining together all the EVIM community are developed internationally by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ.

EVIM Services are aimed to deliver a complete package of high quality marketing and business development services to manufacturing companies operating on world sustainable mobility market. Working with us facilitates market entry, significantly saving time and money for your company.

The main geography of our expertise is covering the area of CEE region (Central and East Europe), including Baltic to Balkan countries.

EVIM Services is your one point smart gateway to the entire new mobility market of the Central and Eastern Europe, from Baltic to Balkans.

We provide:

  • Marketing
    • Research
    • Business models and market strategy: development, localization and implementation
    • Market research, target audience segments and consumers behavior
    • Market entry / penetration strategy, product localization, positioning and placement
    • Promotion and market share increasing
  • Project management for the new
  • Informational support
    • EVIM : Live News Agency
      • new service with the professional subscription updates
      • EV industry news web portal
    • corporate press service, media relations and PR department outsourcing
  • Promotion
    • Event services and networking solutions, carefully “tailor made” for needs of client’s business
    • Services of promotion on the platform EVIM events
    • Expo promotion (worldwide), exhibition logistics, remote participation, collective or national exhibition stand formation and maintenance.
  • Services of commercial and legal representation in EU countries, and a row of countries worldwide
  • Corporate training and consulting services for sales and marketing teams of companies operating on the markets of sustainability, including EV (e-mobility), new mobility, renewables.
  • Industry specific support of cross border operations, service roaming and international electronic payment solutions for infrastructure and sharing mobility services.

Why to choose the EVIM Services? Strong industrial expertise, the most actual up to date knowledge, wide geography of countries served with unbeatable level of experience of EVIM.

Try the complete package, request your own or only choose the service you need!

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