EVIM Art Project

EVIM Art Project is an initiative aimed to support the development of talents in art, international art communication and exchange. We support ideas and realization of art projects dedicated to development of global society, to elimination of humanitarian problems, resolution of climate change problems and achievement of the goals of sustainable development.

EVIM Art Project is found by GreenClinic LifeScience Global and is developed by the team of visionary enthusiast with help and advice of numerous of amazing people in different countries.

The Mission of EVIM Art Project is in creation of positive impact with art means on the culture of the global society for achievement of sustainable development goals, opening opportunities for human life-long development in conditions of fast-changing contemporary world.

EVIM Art Project is realizing its mission through active interaction with society and cooperation with talented people all over the world, local art-communities, joining and empowering their global potential for making stable positive changes come true.