EVIM2020: IV New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe

EVIM2020: IV New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe is an international event in the summit format, in Kyiv, Ukraine, aimed to provide the discussion and networking framework for development of new mobility the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe), one of the most prospective and fast developing areas in the world.

The EVIM2020’s Motto is “Decarbonizing mobility!”

EVIM Summit is aimed to bring new opportunities, technologies and investments into the fast growing new mobility and electric vehicles market providing a framework for efficient dialog and cooperation of the business, government and local authorities, international organizations, business associations, trade chambers, press, science and education, culture and art, as the best platform for common growth and sustainable development impact for society.

EVIM is connecting international community of professionals involved in mobility, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, as well as into the architecture of human environment being a platform aimed to accelerate development of sustainable mobility practice worldwide.

EVIM2020: IV New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe is dedicated to the development of new mobility and electric vehicles market, renewable energy and infrastructure necessary to ensure perspectives of widespread usage of new mobility solutions and electric vehicles with numerous private consumers, corporate, municipal and public sectors users.

Our mission: to bring sustainable transport in a wide everyday usage by developing the market and expanding the infrastructure.

Our vision: to transform the environment and people life into a clean, healthy, noiseless and fumeless.

Our values: human life and health, sustainable development, usage of scientific and technology progress for solving global challenges of climate change and human life quality improvement.

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Why is important to participate?

Join us to contribute elaboration of the latest approaches and policies with your opinion and experience getting up to date awareness from the first hands of the leading experts and market operators.

We are gathering this spring on EVIM2020 Summit to discuss the opportunities and prospects in a professional and convenient environment, to define jointly and share the vision of new mobility and electric mobility in Central and Eastern Europe, development of new mobility and usage of electric vehicles for personal needs, commercial activity and municipal services (public city and intercity transport, cargo, delivery, taxi, post, city maintenance and repair services, etc.) in conditions of cities, with an economic impact of new mobility and EVs as a main motivation to enlargement of use.

The Agenda of the EVIM2020: IV New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe includes:

EVIM provides the international summit platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration of three interconnected fundamental sectors of sustainable development

  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure and Environment

Key topics:

  • Transport and infrastructure sustainability. Environment for life. Decarbonisation & climate change
  • E-Mobility: land, water, air. Public transport
  • Active and X-treme mobility. Two- and three-wheelers, micro motilities.
  • Shared and collaborative mobility as a service
  • New logistics, passenger and delivery services. City and intercity transportation.
  • Future automotive industry and vehicle technology. Advanced drivetrain technology. Electric vehicle global and national testing & compliance standards
  • Trends in batteries and energy storage, battery management systems, battery thermal management
  • EV charging. Development of charging infrastructure
  • Energy generation, grid, consuming and efficiency
  • Digital solutions, data and connected smart city mobility. Immersive technologies: virtual (VR) & augmented reality (AR) in the future of mobility, sustainable engineering, autonomous driving, flying drones (UAV) and automated robots.
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Broadband Internet connection trends. 5G prospects.
  • Hydrogen and alternative fuels

Key areas:

  • The Economic Strategy: market, development, investments and business models, new workplaces.
  • The Innovations: updating reality through acceleration of development and comprehensive improvement of infrastructure system
  • The Financing: sources, programs and support
  • The Policies and Regulations: business environment and legal framework, regulation, legislation and incentives.
  • The Business Models: customer needs meeting the latest available opportunities
  • The Technology: components, manufacturing and products
  • The Best Practices and Solutions: implementations, achievements and examples of success
  • The Culture and Impact: changing reality of mass culture from awareness, to attitude, behavior and action

The program of the summit is interdisciplinary and is built on the synergy of the key topic in key areas of development. The businesses and stakeholders of the three industries are connected on the EVIM Summit with the aim of acceleration of common development and growth.

The Structure EVIM2020: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe contains:

    • 4 plenary sessions
    • 4 panel sessions
    • CEO meeting
    • 2 exhibitions
    • test drive
    • SSIDD Conference 2020 Kyiv dedicated to development of smart and sustainable city infrastructure (3rd day)
    • time for presentations of solutions and innovations from participating companies
    • dedicated time for communication and networking with an option of pre-arranged meetings available
    • press-conference and personal time for communication with the press and pre-arranged interviews program
    • program for startups and researchers
    • EVIM Youth Program – program of pro-bono motivational speeches and workshops in universities and educational projects
    • EVIM Art Project – program of communication on the benefits of sustainable development with means of art in partnership with the best cultural projects

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Ukraine is known as one of the largest countries of Europe. Its population counts about 47mln and it is also one of the largest automotive markets in CEE with high share of luxury segment autos and one of the most dynamically developing market of electric vehicles.

Well-developed road network 163 027.6km, high level of urbanization, high involving of suburban inhabitants into a big city economy, a strong energy system with greater availability of overproduced night nuclear energy, high tempos of development in renewable energy sector due to the significant green tariff incentive, high prices for traditional fuel and open-minded customers create a promising background for the development of electric mobility and charging infrastructure.

Ukraine has occupied 5th position in the international ranking regarding the pace of development of EV in the world. The main reason for Ukraine’s high position in the ranking is the rapid growth of share of the electric vehicles among the new cars bought by Ukrainians last year. The electric vehicles accounted for 4% among the cars first registered in 2016. Electric transport is developing faster only in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and China.

People in the country are involved into the huge sector of new fast growing digital industries and are open to the sharing economy practices, making their consumer choice towards care of environment and climate, and embracing EV technologies which are not requiring a lot of attention for maintenance and offering low costs of ownership and operation, also using bikes as a transport more intensively.


Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe with beautiful architecture and city charm that rivals many European capitals. It is the largest and the most green city of Ukraine, with its population of 3,14 million. Kyiv is served by a good transportation network and situated in the intersection of the commercial and cultural connections. A number of investment projects to reform and develop infrastructure has already been implemented and are being implemented in the city. The permanent tendency of growth of economic development has been achieved in Kyiv. The city is constantly changing and every day becomes more attractive.

The Organizers: “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center, LLC (Ukraine),   www.greenclinic.com.ua, GreenClinic LifeScience Ukraine, LLC  (Ukraine), GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) www.greenclinicglobal.com/fi

The Dates: March, 2020


Working languages: English. Translation is provided optionally upon a request for required language.

Learn more: http://evim.greenclinicglobal.com/fi/

Why to promote and exhibit on EVIM Summit?

Because EVIM2020: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe concentrates the target audience, breaks stereotypes and creates new vision of the first market entry, penetration and customer loyalty, ensuring brand awareness, enabling to do that in one of the most of lean and environmentally friendly ways. Learn more about promotion opportunities on the summit or become a sponsor.

Learn more: http://evim.greenclinicglobal.com/fi/

Contacts of the organizing committee:

+380(44)3606770 Kyiv