R-MetalliVabrik is a service of contract manufacturing and outsourcing manufacturing of metal structures, metal parts and products located in Ukraine and completely realized by «Green Clinic» Scientific Research Center, LLC under the project and recommendations developed by GreenClinic LifeScience. R-MetalliVabrik service is developed on the base of «Green Clinic» Scientific Research Center’s metal processing and production facilities formerly specialized on experimental single item and small series manufacturing aimed to produce custom lab furniture and support the needs of research projects of the center. Now the facilities has been restructured and re-branded to deliver it’s quality and creativity with high-tech roots to the vast number of customers. Also manufacturing potential was increased better responding on larger amounts.

The main usual specialization are metal structures for photovoltaics, architecture and machinery, items and structures for artists architects, modern interior and landscape designers, furniture and pre-fabricated buildings manufacturers. Also R-MetalliVabrik offers supply a great number of kind of weathering (cor-ten) steel.

R-MetalliVabrik products and services are available throughout the Europe and for other regions being supported with good logistics. This is enabling R-MetalliVabrik to be taking part in value adding chains of the clients’ businesses as a reliable nearshore outsourcing manufacturer decreasing their costs due to its location.

R-MetalliVabrik also offers the range of hight-quality steels for design and industrial needs.

The R-MetalliVabrik project is keeping to be under consulting support and is represented by GreenClinic LifeScience in Estonia, EU countries, Switzerland and Norway.