DETALIZE — smart system integrator, technology and solution provider

DETALIZE is a smart system integrator, technology and solution provider.

DETALIZE is creating the value developing, delivering and implementing cutting edge automation, analytics and interconnection solutions for several sectors, including industry, science, retail, logistics, architecture, urban space, mobility, energy, infrastructure, and others.

DETALIZE cares of human, society and environment making the reality more safe, more adaptive and interactive, more productive, more efficient and more sustainable.

“Turning success on”, that is the motto completely expresses DETALIZE’s mission and approach.

DETALIZE is a project run by collaboration of GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia), GreenClinic LifeScience Ukraine, LLC and “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center, LLC (Ukraine).

DETALIZE is designing, integrating and delivering cutting edge tech solutions, thinking of the people, businesses and environment, following the motto:

«Integrating smart systems to be sustainable».

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