Ecosystem Phytopathology

Ecosystem plant pathology is one of our strengths and our unique contribution to the global phytopathological practice. We cover all species and develop solutions for all contexts of plant growing.

Our benefits are the HACCP based system view and the ecosystem approach to the contract researches we perform, allows us to develop effective recommendations with a long lasting value, that clarifies the situation and saves resources for the clients.

A special attention is to pre-project survay and the health management of suburban forests to save valuable trees and biodiversity on construction sites with recreational potential, health of ornamental plants in nurseries and objects of landscape architecture.

You are at the most right place, if you want to save plants, prevent or manage damage of plants, plantations, greenhouses or massive natural green areas from the side of harmful factors, environmental conditions, pests or phytopathogenic organisms. Ask our experts by telling your situation or problem.

The approach of ecosystem phytopathology was developed by our founders, is a foundational development and the main specialization of “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center of Plant Health and Ecosystem Planning”, maybe the first international private research center in Ukraine and the important milestone in the history of our company.