GreenClinic LifeScience Academy

GreenClinic LifeScience Academy is a platform for education, sharing experience and best practices initiated by GreenClinic LifeScience with the aim to deliver knowledge to the people who drive the changes for the better and sustainable world.

Education for sustainable world

Happy and competent humankind thriving through innovations, humanity, principles of sustainability, effective management and use of resources

People, knowledge and collaboration more important than procedures

The competency based education applied for our learning and training programs equally as traditional approaches. We never do memory check, but always pay attention to the skills obtained by our alumni.

More competent society with the cutting-edge knowledge, creation and support of professional communities, enabling effective cooperation towards resolving global challenges by development of new technologies and the best successful management practices. We do that by connecting the people who know and do together, leading the success from new sustainable business models. We proudly provide our alumni the opportunities to grow their professional network and gain new friends for further common advantage and success.

Foundation statement:
GreenClinic LifeScience understands the importance of solving the global challenges including the climate change and the humanitarian issues of global society in the real time, without delays and the GreenClinic LifeScience Academy is a way we contribute to help.

Striving towards improvement the situation in all the countries of business operations of our company, we’ve made a decision to concentrate efforts on several main critical points where our help and our expertise can become the most significant for achievement and retaining of positive changes.

The platform is supported by the national GreenClinic LifeScience companies and the local partners.