Sustainability, Renewables & Environment

The sector of industries connected to sustainable development is the most challenging and fast growing area of global economy.

With our history and a research background that brought us an extensive experience in ecosystem approach, biodiversity and ecological network, industrial ecology and corporate sustainability, architecture of human environment infrastructure and urban processes, renewable energy, zero emission economy and climate change, this sector became one of the best points for application of our expertise and investments.

Among other offers in the “Renewables & Environment” sector, we build the strong market presence with our research and service products.

To keep our leading positions among the experts of the industry, we’ve chosen the way of amplification the sector’s scale. We are doing that through our development programs and facilitation the activity of market operators delivering them knowledge, networking and communication opportunities. All the time the approach exists, it’s bringing the growth to market operators businesses, impacting positively the market infrastructure, customer awareness and demand at the industry, at the most smart and efficient way.