Biodiversity Research and Project Solutions 360°

Biodiversity applied research historically has become the most definitive area of activity for our business and the field where most important achievements have been made and are currently continued. Our mission is correct data based answers the most complex questions our clients face in their activity connected with live organisms and their communities.

Our success is in the strategy to concentrate main attention and efforts at RPS (research and project solutions) delivery of “tailor made” applied solutions precisely meeting clients needs, at supply of innovative products and services into the most new, innovative, essential and vibrant areas of human activity occurring nowadays as health, bioeconomy, infrastructure and environmental protection.

With the deep knowledge of the ecosystems at the different scale, from microbial ones, as like soil or plants microbiome, to the large land biotops, we create new opportunities going beyond of expectations. This strategy brought us the unique set of expertises and approaches, allowing us to get done the results usually unavailable for many other companies, in the most lean and innovative way, at first, through the development of own applied knowledge and technology with the own team and the excellent international network of experts and partners.