GCLS understands the importance of solving the global challenges including the climate change and the issues of global society sustainable development in real time and without delays.

The main approach of GCLS for creating the positive impacts is in creation and support of beneficial communities and enabling professional cooperation towards resolving global challenges by development of new technologies and the best successful practices. We do that by connecting the people who know and do together.

Striving towards improvement the situation in all the countries of business operations of our company, we was made a decision concentrate efforts on several main critical points where our help and our expertise can become the most significant for achievement and retaining of positive changes. That’s why the target of our CSR policy are the sustainability in the most critical points of attention:

  • Health, longevity and life quality;
  • Culture, education and art and the human rights related to them;
  • Infrastructure safety and zero mortality;
  • Human right of the access to the Internet;
  • Transport and environment;
  • Energy and human right of access to the energy;
  • Infrastructure, urban planning and human environment improvement;
  • Biotechnology and bio economy;
  • Plant health management and crop protection;
  • Sustainable cities;

Making the changes possible we act at the most vibrant points of economies and social life through enabling people’s cooperation and common activity on the most critical topics. We do that through the instruments of the most prospective markets acceleration joining the people around the common interests and projects with our international networking events programs (EVIM.gnerdix.com) and our non-profit activity for youth, educational institutions, cultural and art communities (EVIM Youth Program, EVIM Art Project, and supporting the WAVE project)

Our current the most essential achievement is a connecting the three of the most important and the most active components of sustainable economy, sustainable transport, sustainable energy and human infrastructure together, replacing old technologies and approaches, more: EVIM.gnerdix.com