Preventive Ecosystem Phytopathology 360° for Agribusinesses, Forestry and Landscaping

Preventive Ecosystem Phytopathology is one of our strengths and our unique contribution to the global phytopathological practice. We cover all species and develop solutions for all contexts of plants and agricultural crops growing. Our Global Phytopathology Service is at your disposal to be at the rights place where the help is really needed.

Our benefits are the HACCP based system view and the ecosystem approach to the contract researches we perform, allows us to develop effective recommendations with a long lasting value, that clarifies the situation and saves resources for the clients.

Our special strength is in clear, holistic and comprehensive biodiversity analysis, the expertise in microbiome with the knowledge on shares and roles of microorganisms in the microbial communities, their interrelations and their impact to the plant health, metagenomics is helping us on this way. It allows us to provide correct information for data driven decisions.

You are at the most right place, if you want to save plants, prevent or manage damage of plants, crop fields, horticultural plantations, greenhouses or massive natural green areas from the side of harmful factors as environmental conditions, pests or phytopathogenic organisms. Ask our experts by describing your goals, situation or problem. 

The approach of ecosystem phytopathology and preventive ecosystem phytopathology were developed by our founders’ team. It is a foundational development and the key advantage of our company creating strong long-lasting result, with quality unavailable before, at probably the market lowest cost. It was long-term tested and supplied for the large agricultural businesses of Ukraine, the country which is one of the largest agrifood exporter in the world, it is the main specialization of “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center of Plant Health and Ecosystem Planning”” the fist research competence center founded within our group, which is a unique one focused on the ecosystem plant pathology and also had arisen among first fully phytopathological private research centers internationally, which ais an important milestone in the history of our company.