Soil & Plants Microbiome Testing Services for Agriculture

Here is why the farmer’s knowledge of microbiome is crucial for any agricultural practice success:

  • To have higher yields with a preset or expected quality, avoiding disruption from mass or total losses, it is necessary to use the hybrids and varieties of crops with the profile of resistance to the pathogens which are precisely met the ones present on the field they going to be placed.

It is necessary to know what waits for your seeds or saddling material in the soil before you put them their into.

  • To plan plant protection effective, lean, with low environmental impact avoiding spend time and money fighting what is absent while the real problem persists, the soil “microflora” have to be clearly recognized.
  • To get successful “phytopathological forensic” answers why the crops (plants) have been lost, spoiled or underperformed in the yields amount or quality, what the pathogen affected the plants, what the root cause and the solution for the problem, the list of the microorganisms is a must have thing, the harmful organisms, plant pathogenic, and the beneficial ones.
  • Resolving the repeating or latent losses and field productivity problems along with engagement of natural reserves of productivity requires understanding what ecosystem niche is opened for plant disease or pests and how biodiversity could be involved as a leverage to influence the situation.

We answer this complex questions for our clients as their reliable service partner, their additional team member and their hidden power behind daily growing and professional achievements.

Our job is to explain the microbial communities function making them a practical value available for each agribusiness decision maker, farmer, agronomist or plant pathologist to get the practical problem identified and successfully solved.

GreenClinic LifeScience‘s researchers, data scientists and AI core dig out the sense from the massive data gotten from the bulk DNA metagenomic analysis. We do that through precise sequencing, creation the digital twins of complex microbiomes and their recognition, the direct “reading” of the structure of microbial ecosystems. It allows to avoid growing microbial culture making photos and… avoid human factor and doing human attention mistakes.

Except of “tailor-made” orders for applied microbiome research we have a simple standard product to deal with covered potential brings the soil life awareness.

Working with high numbers of samples we provide a family of BioFiling Soil&Plants tests. BioFiling Soil is a standard biological soil fertility test as well as BioFiling Plants is a reliable instrument of pathogens definition inside of the plants. The both tests allow define covered threats and discover root causes of yields losses, the same time to see and engage additional reserves of productivity, resiliency and sustainability of growing practice.

The reliable high thruput pipeline with our localized approach to soil or plant DNA digital twin creation, smart logistics and CO2 reduction principles help BioFiling Soil&Plants test to be available in the majority of the areas of the world.

Performing a real life analysis of soil or plants microbiomes now becomes easy, affordable and cost effective for large agribusinesses and farmers with BioFiling Soil&Plants.