Mission, vision and values

Mission of GNerdiX, an innovative leader of business development services in biotechnology, development and implementation of sustainable solutions and services in the biobased and sustainable development connected markets, is care of human health, duration and quality of human life, and saving of nature as a living environment for current and future generations of people still eating food, drinking water and breathing air as before.

Our approach for creation of positive impact to human society is in the detection and long-term correction of harmful influences on human health which come in people’s everyday life through food and water consumption and from the technogenically modified environment. Treating ecosystem violations and educating people with knowledge and motivations to the reasonable behaviour, we work with further aspiration to stabilization of ecosystems, reduction of chemical and technogenic impact on human society and natural landscapes, rehabilitation of urban spaces and natural areas using all available means of rational modernity, as well as in the design, development and creation, supply and distribution of such tools.

We believe, we care, we save and it opens us the opportunities to the new exciting achievements.

The vision.
The future of the world where we live depends on reasonable united positive efforts of its inhabitants aimed at achieving of the positive goals.
The future of our company is the leading market positions in the development and provision of outstanding efficient solutions in all the fields of our competence, including: biotechnologies, sustainable development, food safety, plant protection, environmental protection, clean energy and infrastructure that aimed to improve health, increase duration and quality of people’s lives, widen access to the healthy lifestyle by removing harmful factors, and with supporting a biodiversity, survival and longevity of living nature in populated areas and industrial zones.