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Important update: GreenClinic LifeScience became a part of GNerdiX OÜ

Welcome! You are on the homepage of GreenClinic LifeScience (hereinafter also GCLS)*, an independent international competence center leading the delivery of value from applied knowledge of ecosystems, biodiversity and plant pathology based on genomics and data science.

GCLS a smart component standing behind the success of large growers who feed and green the world, despite of locations and climate zones. We’re the only (as we know) commercial provider of Ecosystem Phytopathology as a Service. Being headquartered in Estonia we are proud to contribute elimination of hunger and biodiversity loss globally. We are making agriculture less risky, more predictable, much more sustainable and productive. We are helping to ensure continuity of private and municipal urban green areas, forests and valuable plants as an important part of human infrastructure and habitat for many species. 

What we do:

Plant pathology support. We save plants from diseases in agriculture, forestry and landscaping with ecosystem phytopathology applied research services, backed up with our research competence center, customer service team and AI powered knowledge base.  

Soil & plants microbiome reading service. We make soil biodiversity a valuable digital asset with microbiome profiling analysis. We do that with our on demand microbiome research service and our worlds first standard soil & plants microbiome profiling test provided as a service, available almost everywhere in an affordable way, making big data simple for use. 

How we deliver results:

The services are provided directly, for the large agricultural businesses, urban and forest maintenance customers. To the retail customers through the international network of owned and partnered Centers of Ecosystem Phytopathology. 

GCLS’s unique difference:

  • Saving plants with ecosystem phytopathology of root causes  by searching and high-precision low-cost fixing of the plant losses or crop productivity limitations with comprehensive and holistic data driven approach (instead of guessing and consequences pursuing)
  • Strong focus on creating economic results on the side of the farmer and plant owner, following their requests, goals and interests
  • Complete independence from manufacturers of plant protection means, with brand and technological neutrality, easily reducing costs spent on them by a farmer or plant owner
  • Staying critical and unbiased towards the use of any specific technologies to solve clients problems or reach their goals with freedom of available instruments, challenging the typical schemes coming from chemical companies to all the users independently of local conditions
  • Digging the value from high precision data and data driven decisions
  • Commitment to sustainability, social and environmental ethics with vast amount of changing achievements

GCLS is a reliable service partner in scientific support of decision making inside of the plant or biodiversity dependent industries, as also in custom contract researches and R&D outsourcing.

What do we change:

  • The way how the crops, valuable plants, forests and green areas are grown and protected. By applying the ecosystem approach and biodiversity management. Based on reliable molecular methods of laboratory analyses and bioinformatic data science.
  • The way how the agriculture resist to the climate change and get adapted to the new conditions. Unveiling new reserves of productivity covered in microbiome defining biological soil fertility. Growing more, while regenerating the soil.
  • The way how natural resources are used and regenerated. Including the soil, land and water biodiversity which define the ecosystem’s capability to grow enough food.
  • The way how the buildings and infrastructure integrated in the natural areas. Helping urban planners and architects to build-in their amazing objects with outstanding human-nature experiences, without biodiversity damage while cities are growing.

What’s behind us:

GCLS manages a continuously growing ecosystem of research facilities and an international expert network: an interdisciplinary collab of scientists with a set of own and contracted research facilities located worldwide and perfectly connected digitally; an outstanding AI supported knowledge base and biodata processing system. The distributed model of the research facilities and expert team, allows us to optimize logistics, maintain wide climate zone competence as also serve large customers on their locations.

We develop:

  • A wide network of Centers of Ecosystem Phytopathology, the “plant clinics” helping to save plants for their owners locally (contact us to find the one nearby)
  • A research Hub for Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture (HUBBSA) with the 80 hectares of experimental fields and the infrastructure welcoming scientists or offering the research on behalf remotely with an outstanding feedback and documentation, as a pilot project for HUBBSA network located in all the main climatic zones. 

Our corporate responsibility and impact:

Extending its unique biodiversity and sustainability research profile, GreenClinic LifeScience supports and develops businesses and non-profit initiatives which contribute to resolving the global challenges as our GreenClinic LifeScience also does.

We also pay attention to:

  • The way how people improve their health, life quality and safety through healthcare and  lifestyle personalization with the high-end reliable molecular methods of laboratory analyses and bioinformatic data science
  • The way how the dirty and toxic transport and machinery is replaced by the environmentally safe electric, hydrogen and active mobility, along with sustainable intermodality ecosystems making breathing the clean air possible, again
  • The way how the indoor and natural environments support competitiveness through better health, higher creativity and new level of value productivity
  • The way how the energy is becoming to be more generated than consumed by buildings and infrastructure themselves from renewable sources

GCLS with its interdisciplinary expertise and open-minded team connects the society, nature and infrastructure. 

GCLS is also developing and maintaining own research products in BioTech, MedTech, AgTech, InfraTech and R&D sectors. 

GreenClinic LifeScience is staying always interdisciplinary, continuously improved and strongly connected to the practical value which delivered to the corporate and private customers. GreenClinic LifeScience always do more, goes beyond the existing standards, exceeding expectations, setting the new levels for efficiency and performance, life quality and safety.


* – Legal note: GreenClinic LifeScience (GCLS) is a part of GNerdiX OÜ. The international GreenClinic LifeScience network consists of independent national and specialized businesses. The page is dedicated to the information and the latest updates of all the GreenClinic LifeScience as a network and may contain general and description only information. We appreciate much to be contacted by you, if any question is needed to be specified or detailed. 

We thank you a lot for being with us during all of the years!