Biodiversity Research for Sustainable Construction and City Planning

Ecosystem planning and methodology for integration of buildings, infrastructure and landscape objects into zones of high level of biodiversity with ultra low damage and fast rehabilitation of function. Our service is aimed to bring advice, and high-end scientific support to architects, construction engineers, local authorities and property owners dealing with nature-integrated construction, infrastructure and landscaping projects.

We cover with our support the construction sites, green areas and water objects from the stages of idea and concept to realization, and also resolving any possible post-factum problems of such specific existing objects are requiring to be managed. Also our point of attention is rehabilitation or redesigning of damaged ecosystems.

The sites including natural objects with high biodiversity, trees and rich ecosystems usually have higher price of land. They are valuable first of all from their attractiveness of recreation potential and visual benefits improving exploitation quality of property is being built there.

Most of people loves forests, parks, other green areas, as like any ecosystems seemed virgin and are happy to see and neighbour with them in future. But civilization and growing human needs dictates us must-have conditions and required minimum of services for people should be gotten anyway to keep normal life quality. And it leads to pressing on the ecosystems when anthropogenic factor wins. So now currently there’s no ecosystem without human activity influence, impact or management.

It shows that the only way to get the same time required comfort and irreplaceable effects of neighbouring with live nature is consciously manage the environment with clear understanding of methods and instruments of integration of human infrastructure and architectural objects into existing ecosystem, minimizing waiting period of recovery. It’s only way to make it with minimal damage and stress period, and only way to get good naturally-integrated (organic) architectural project developed, realised, built and finally real estate sold and taken to problemless exploitation by owner.

To reach this effect it is necessary to know as well and systemly consider three things at once:

  • existing natural background and ecosystem ties;
  • available and appropriable architecture approaches and construction technologies;
  • human behaviour;
  • climate change adaptational foresight

It should be done based on the ecosystem approach (Malawi principles), HACCP, geobotanical knowledge, strong environmental research background and experience of practical forest saving / nature integrative development in various conditions, with strong connection to the aim of the project, to enable client get the best possible result.

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