About us

GCLS is an independent international competence center leading the delivery of value from applied knowledge of ecosystems, biodiversity and plant pathology based on genomics and data science.

GCLS a smart component standing behind the success of large growers who feed and green the world, despite of locations and climate zones.

Except of the research background, we’re the world’s only (as we know) regular commercial provider of Ecosystem Phytopathology as a Service (so we kindly invite others to competition).

GCLS is first of all an expert in biodiversity and sustainable development delivering value in the range of applied research, consulting and data science services, bonded to the needs of real life practice of our customers.

GCLS is also a professional organizer of international industrial events with rich experience of successful projects amplifying the number of innovative markets.

GCLS internationally supplies a range of products, as also provides high quality of distribution outsourcing and commercial agency service to the vast number of clients.

Our strength is in our sustainability, permanent improvement, smart and lean business processes.

There are several our own innovative principles applied in our everyday practice, being unusual for the most of companies, bringing us success and sustainable growth. To lead the level of performance and effectiveness,  complying our sustainable development commitments, GCLS keeps the principle to provide its business activity in limits of separate diversified projects which budgets are calculated separately. The same time, GCLS is committed to reduce its administrative costs or completely removes where possible, arranging correct interaction settings among the projects, allowing to make centralized control unnecessary, due to correctness of motivations, obligations and contract conditions at the start point and continuous self-“bugtracking” inside the projects. The main goal of the company as a business entity is to supply a high quality of initial decisions into the projects, products and franchises, connecting products flow to the market, earning from their success only.

Our environmental impact is highly reduced and we are proudly promote how we are doing it.

We became almost paperless company following Estonian well-developed e-environment, philosophy and traditions. This way we care about our low carbon footprint and pollution.

We created and use completely new approach to make new level of lean operations come true.

We are broadly using communications and collaboration instruments to enable almost borderless global cooperation with the numbers of experts located all over the world.

Involving world’s the best minds and talents, as one a big team or just a big family, to the processes of getting things done, concentrating our common time, efforts and costs at the really main points of attention, with freedom, without their thousands miles relocation, without causing everyday environmental impact of the numerous cars running to the office at the morning, without heating and conditioning and maintaining of buildings, we’ve gained the ability to solve challenges at a brand new efficiency, avoiding harm to the planet.

This approach also made available our international presence, and brought us competitive advantage, let us to be closer to the most of our customers keeping our offers reasonable. We think habits and everyday repeated irrational traditions are nothing in comparison of our common wellbeing tomorrow and our children happiness.

We believe that our approach, and the similar experience of other companies with the same of practice of business sustainability, will be shared and widely used more and more day by day. In any project we work with we’re decreasing process losses and useless costs at this way firstly.

Our aim is to bring equal accessible opportunities for a better life quality for people. Our aim is to reduce harmful chemical and technogenic influence on human organism, ecosystem, and Earth sustainability, as also open new horizons of people development with life long learning, SDG awareness and action. We do that through provision a number of products, solutions and technologies.

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