Phytopathological “Forensics” for Agriculture: Knowing What Kills the Crops with Precision

Repeated high scale crop losses happen everyday. They often considered as a natural productivity limits of growing conditions on a definite field or even a geographical region. Usually that a something that could be tackled and avoided, if the real cause is known, not guessed.

We do research for identification of the factors and circumstances affecting the crops on the fields. We define what killed the plants or what was killing the plants for decades, using expert curated AI processing of microbiome big data from soil, plants, as also information from satellites and agronomists filed statistics. It allows to know exactly what to do and how to tackle the problem in a lean way, saving the grower from excessive costs.

Our ecosystem approach for field data analysis as also deep knowledge of natural dependencies inside of the growing environment helps us to deliver clear and really outstanding results.

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