Plant Clinic – Plants’ Health Care 360°

We help your plants get well, stay healthy. We specialize in resolving the most complex, unclear, rare and non-standard conditions of plants. We know exactly why plants get sick and die, but also why they live creating value and minimum of problems.

You are getting answers, recommendation and solution. We always do look for the initial causes of your problem, not consequence, not the surface picture, not the first sight, the core, root and bold how.

You have the value of healthy plants alive. Saved thousands hectares of crops, thousands of pine trees, landscape plants, bonsai or just office pot ones. Altogether. For your, profit, fun, food, forest, planet, nice view, a place for birds’ nests and rich biodiversity, a leverage for your large farming profit and room to cut costs, and a huge pride for us.

Your advantage is our specialised practice (plant health only), vast experience, and recorded AI powered knowledge base with the cases at different climate and situation conditions during many years. You are stronger with us, because all we do is plant health ONLY, we love plants, we combine it, and it is our superpower.

Your result is driven by data, our services are based on Preventive Ecosystem Plant Pathology, our own quantitative method synergises application of ecosystem approach and our “reversed HACCP” method, proven and improved for years of creating value for clients. The method allows you to save, money and time, on analyses, diagnostics measurements, using only data that helps. At the same time, we have the state-of-the art digital methods to answer complex questions. Aboard are: own biological soil fertility measurement means, as well as soil and plant samples microbiome profile testing which is shows what’s going on and simply leaves no more guesswork.

Whether it is about a disease or total loss of plants, reduced productivity or quality, a comprehensive survey of plant growing conditions allows us to identify and eliminate the ecosystem niche for successful development of phytopathogens which lead to the pre-conditions for disease. It is always done with consideration of climate change adaptation factor. Then timely counteraction, in long advance to avoid repeated episodes, becomes possible and effective with low loss or damage.

You get complete care, with clear recommendations of measures and continuous support on plant health, to build and implement a high-quality and cost-efficient plant protection program.

You tell us what’s wrong with your plants and what result you want to get. We do the rest.

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Our clients say “You are like veterinarians but for plants” or they say that we do plant pathology “forensic”, when answering what killed the plants, that’s all true. Once we rolled out a Global Ecosystem Phytopathology Service for Agribusinesses, Forestry and Landscaping to provide comprehensive and holistic help with Preventive Ecosystem Phytopathology 360° for Agribusinesses, Forestry and Landscaping, saving money for agriculture with Scientific Support of Technological Decision Making for Agriculture by improvement technology-environment connection, saving the natural areas and trees on construction sites by Biodiversity Research and Project Solutions 360° and Biodiversity Research for Sustainable Construction and City Planning